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Malaga residents waiting longer for hospital surgery

Malaga hospital e
SICK OF IT: Waiting lists grow

HOSPITAL waiting lists in Malaga have increased dramatically in the past year.

Sick residents face a 53-day wait for less serious operations, according to figures from the Department of Health.

SICK OF IT: Waiting lists grow
SICK OF IT: Waiting lists grow

The corresponding figure in 2014 was 46 days.

People waiting for operations on cataracts, gallbladders, bunions or to remove tonsils are among those worst affected.

Staff shortages and cuts by regional and central government are causing the delays.




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  1. Bryan, it’s still hunky dory compared to the UK.
    The number and proportion of NHS hospital patients in England waiting more than 18 weeks, (meaning minimum, is 126 days) to begin treatment have risen to their highest levels in almost seven years, official statistics show.
    In February, nearly 40,000 admitted patients did not start consultant-led treatment within 18 weeks of referral, and more than 13,000 waited more than 26 weeks (minimum 182 days).

  2. Thanks to the Bullingdon Boys and their evil appointed cohorts. But what is the point of comparing apples with pears? Knowing that the N.H.S. is being flushed down the pan, doesn’t make the Spanish experience better.

  3. Not needed Spanish healthcare when in Spain but heard it’s good, however my experiences of NHS have always been good. They now give option to choose and book in our area via Private Hospitals to see consultants and also have operations which I had a while back which was comfortable, speedy and very effective. But, the NHS will be severely strained with population influx from the EU.

  4. Yes if we are doing comparisons UK has more or less an open door policy, whereas Spain won’t let you through the door without a health card or credit card.

    Official figures for Malaga region show waiting times for a hip operation to be longer than where I live in the UK. I suppose it is the same postcard lottery. Many in Malaga wait 60 days to see a consultant. At least in the UK there is a two week rule if anything serious is suspected.

    But as someone said, apples and pears comparisons are meaningless. It is where you are that counts and none are acceptable.

    • Bryan I agree, there is no open door policy in Spain except for emergencies (EU members) and free health care for all expat pensioners. Unfortunately the UK tax payer pay’s for all regardless if you are a British subject or not and things will get worse especially with the gradual influx of immigrants.
      Did read the other day of a pregnant African women visiting the UK gave birth to 6 babies, cost to the NHS £240K, did she pay, not on your nellie. As was said “apples and pears”, both fruit but depends which is the sweetest and where can you get them free.

  5. It is interesting that various comments about the Spanish healthcare system on the Internet, and the comments associated with the Spanish forum, seem to back up the general opinion that Spain offers a more than competent healthcare system which is in many ways comparable to the UK model.
    All of the peoples I know that have used the Spanish health care system have spoke very highly of it especially when it came to operations etc and sometimes it’s the language barrier that tends to put people off. The same example would be if a non English speaking Spaniard was in a British hospital. Mind you relations back in the UK also complain about the waiting time for hospital treatment.

    • I know, and that’s the problem, not only the hospital but every other place where a non English speaking person requires a translator and my tax is helping to pay for it.

    • Marion are you telling me that a Spaniard wakes up in the middle of the night in terrible pain and low and behold there is an official translator sitting by his bed. Dream on.

  6. Bryan, won’t be long before Britain follows suite. You said, quote.

    “Yes if we are doing comparisons UK has more or less an open door policy, whereas Spain won’t let you through the door without a health card or credit card”.

    And so it should be, no giveaway stuff here in Spain, they won’t to know if your entitled to it, if not pay for it, that’s why they rush to the UK. If you feel that’s okay,it’s prerogative.

  7. It seems to me that the NHS should take a leaf out of Spain’s book and make sure people actually qualify (or have an EHIC card) for free treatment before admitting them. It is supposed to be a National Health Service not an International Health Service and no other country is as free and easy with free health care as the UK. No wonder it’s under so much strain.

  8. The hippocratic oath is getting a bit stretched in this urge for entitlement. Do you lovely people really endorse the idea of leaving someone bleeding in the gutter unless they can flash the right card? Sure sounds like it.
    Treat first, argue for payment later. Show some humanity.

  9. Stef, I think you are also taking this urge of entitlement to the extreme. Nobody is advocating leaving someone bleeding in the gutter unattended to, not even in Spain. Normally they would patch the person up as an emergency and for them to seek medical attention when they return to their own country. Did you not read of the African women visiting the UK and giving birth to 6 babies which cost the British tax payers £240K. with her overstay and attention. Did she pay, not on your Nellie. She is now back in Africa with her well cared bab’s and the hospital has said they will not be pursuing her for the cost. Do you not think that’s taking the urge of entitlement to the extreme.

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