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David Cameron in Spain to meet Mariano Rajoy as refugee crisis rages

David cameron e
MOVED: Cameron acts on refugees

PRIME Minister David Cameron is visiting Spain and Portugal today to drum up support for Britain’s EU membership renegotiation bid.

But his discussions with Mariano Rajoy and Portuguese prime minister Pedro Passos Coehlo will be overshadowed by Europe’s lengthening migrant crisis.

David Cameron
David Cameron

Cameron said he ‘as a father, I felt deeply moved’ by photographs of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi’s dead body washed up on a Turkish beach this week.

Cameron is set to announce that Britain will take in thousands more Syrian refugees.

So far Britain’s ‘vulnerable persons relocation scheme’ has given refuge to 216 people.

An online petition demanding Britain take more refugees has been signed by over 300,000 people, three times the number needed for the issue to be debated in parliament.

Cameron is pushing for changes to EU law which would prevent migrants claiming benefits for four years ahead of 2017’s referendum on Britain’s EU membership.




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  1. UK has 252 people per sq km, with England’s density at 413 I think England is the most dense country in Europe, while Scotland’s is just 68 so plenty of room in Scotland for ‘Nicholas Surgeon’ to take many instead of the 1000 she’s offered to take whilst berating Tory boys, but interesting to see Spain’s density is only 93 per sq km so plenty of room in Spain too. Mind you that might be partly due to many young Spaniards moving abroad to places like the UK.

  2. Apart from scoring political points, I can’t understand why the present immigration issue is focusing on what European countries are doing about it & basically trying to agree how many each country should take in. Most of the people looking to reside in Europe are Muslims yet I haven’t heard of any of them wanting to move to a Muslim country such as Saudi Arabia which is not only a rich country but also has a very low population per square kilometer. They & a number of other Muslim countries (many also well off) don’t seem to be in the headlines as possible destinations for migrants yet it would seem to me the people looking to move from the present war torn countries would be happier in a country where their language is spoken & where their religion is practiced.

  3. Well said Mike, too many people like Sturgeon are using this situation for political point scoring. Most of the migrants are coming from Turkey which is a safe country so many could stay there. I think all migrants should be rigorously checked for ISIS sympathies, imagine the devastation that could ensue if they eventually form an ISIS force in Europe, do you want to risk it? The onus is on them to prove where their loyalties lie and we get this one wrong at our peril.

  4. Isis have made no secret of the fact they want to get into Spain once they control most of North Africa. Personally, I doubt they could take over a large European country like Spain but they could create sleeper cells in any European country.

    Some years down the line I think the whole of the EU will be regretting the allowing of so many migrants from the Middle East and Africa. Many are not facing persecution in countries like Nigeria but are economic migrants jumping on the free-for-all bandwagon.

    However, the whole of Europe will face major problems some years from now if large numbers turn out to be Isis sympathisers. It’s a disaster waiting to happen and I feel sorry for UK children and their future facing this mayhem caused by the likes of Blair and continued soft stance by the puppet Cameron having his strings pulled by Brussels, Strasbourg, Merkel, Sturgeon and now Cooper.

    I see they don’t want to go to Russia or further such as China, nor are many Arab neighbours doing their bit. Would Russia allow them to settle, does Russia even offer refuge?

  5. Right again Mike, the world is sleep walking into what could be a deadly situation and as you point out, ISIS have declared their intention to take over Spain but the PC brigade remained mute on the subject. It is highly likely that ISIS are trying to surround Spain and attempt to invade from the north this time. It is part of their wider plan, they make no secret of it and God help all the apologists if and when that happens.

    Ask yourselves this, why don’t these people stay at home and fight for their country like we did during the war? Why are they nearly all fit, able bodied young men? Why are all the women so downtrodden and low profile?

    Russia, China and oil rich Middle Eastern countries should take their share of migrants but they don’t want them.

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