JEREMY Corbyn’s dizzying ascent to the Labour premiership is another boon for Europe’s left.

Jeremy CorbynAfter the rise of Syriza in Greece and Podemos in Spain, Britain’s bedraggled left finally has a rallying figure it hopes can reverse its fortunes.

The Spanish Republic has long been a totemic cause for the left, and Corbyn’s support for the heroic International Brigades is indicative of his strong personal attachment to Spain.

With his ‘No Pasaran’ spirit and no-nonsense campaigning approach, Corbyn’s election just injected a jolt of adrenalin into the battered rump of British paternalistic socialism.

For the country that abolished slavery, introduced free healthcare and a welfare state, this could put Britain back among the world’s most caring, modern-thinking nations.

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  1. Only one thing wrong with this article which any Brit could make due to lessons in brainwashing, laughably called history in British schools.
    We all remember I’m sure the history teacher (propogandist) telling with pride how wonderful Britain was, being the first developed country to ban slavery.

    What they did’nt teach was that the English were the biggest slavers by a huge margin – over 19 million. Of course we were never taught about the horrendous sexual abuse of children as well as adults or how the English treated West Africans far worse than the methods used by SS units in eastern Europe – on a par with the Spanish denial syndrome.

    You can’t really move forward as an individual or as a nation unless you turn and confront the past.

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