A SKINT student bought a Spanish caravan and drove it to his British university to live in.

Lucas de haro Pishoudt, 21, couldn’t afford his Kingston University halls of residence rent so headed to Spain and wheeled his new home back.

WHEELEY GOOD: Broke student brings caravan from Spain
WHEELEY GOOD: Broke student brings caravan from Spain

The €3,000 caravan has reduced his living costs from €815 to €136 a month.

Lucas said: “When I finished last year I could not afford to pay my final bills.

“I got into a lot of debt and I was still paying even though I had gone home for the summer.

“The caravan just seemed like the best option.

“My friends thought it was a crazy idea at first, but I have solar panels that give me electricity, a shower and water.”


  1. I think that universities must work for to reduce the costs to the students; relying more in internet based techniques, and reducing intensively the living costs for the students.

    Is a fact that the expectatives of future incomes of a student can´t be compared with the expectatives of a student of passed times.

    In USA many graduates are working frying burgers, at 5 $ /hour, while they must to pay his student loans.

    In Spain the situation is notabily worst, the only advantage is that the students haven’t subscribed loans.

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