A MALAGA mural is helping bridge language barriers.

GEORGE KOWZAN: Word Art Portraits
GEORGE KOWZAN: Word Art Portraits

George Kowzan’s Word Art Portraits was unveiled at the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas this month.

The painting contains 6,909 words, painted in 11 different languages to form five types of faces – Asian, Magrebi, South American, African and European.

The 14m x 4.5m set of images were formed by painting 6,909 words from 11 different languages.

“I knew that my portraits would, in theory, work well on such a scale and now I can see that they do,” said Kowzan.

The language school’s motto of ‘I understand you’ was the inspiration for the work.

The artist is also a judge at the Gibraltar Spring Art competition.

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