computer-chipsTHE latest siege of Gibraltar is one that will no doubt rumble on for years, if not decades, to come.

Cybercrime is – regrettably – here to stay as virtual hackers multiply and online frauds continue to grow in number.

With over 1,000 daily attacks on Gibraltar’s business sector it is fair to say the Rock is being targeted.

But, the proverbial towel is not being thrown in and Gibraltar – as it has done for hundreds of years – is ready to weather the storm and batten down the hatches.

It is reassuring to see businesses, the Financial Services Commission and the police working together to batten down the hatches and they must continue to do so if they are to beat the online underworld.


  1. I don’t think Gibraltar is being targeted per se, that is not how such intrusions and attacks take place. In reality most attacks (or probes) are automated, and the perpetrators’ systems will scan many thousands, indeed millions, of network addresses all over the world, 24/7, irrespective of physical location, for vulnerable systems. It is trivial to purchase an all-in-one attack kit online these days that can do this.

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