Night time at Duquesa Port
Duquesa port at night time

MELTED chocolate and bird poo aren’t commonly considered the perfect ingredients of a scam.

But a light-fingered Duquesa Port thief left holidaymakers €220 lighter when he posed as a helpful stranger.

John and Muriel Kingston, 83 and 75, were wandering through the port when their backs got splattered by ‘bird poo’ and were helped by a ‘friendly’ stranger armed with tissues.

Later they realised John’s pockets had been emptied and their clothes were covered with a mixture of melted chocolate and sand.

“People target older people because they think we are stupid, and I suppose on that morning we were a bit,” said Muriel.


    • James, I meant any Eroski or Lidle in Spain – those sorts of scams are rife in the car parks of such shops. I’ve heard about the “bird poo” scam many times locally (on the CDS) and in Madrid, and Barcelona. There was a story about it in Valencia recently too. Google is your friend on such matters, so enter this address for many examples all across Spain: “”

      It also happens world-wide, just to placate the “I hate Spain” brigade lol.

  1. Fred,
    pointless commenting on the post before mine. I remember reading an article in the early nineties where London employers were complaining they could’nt find any English with decent levels of literacy or numeracy.

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