IT’S been a long, busy season and we’re all dog-tired.

eddie the dogFrom November 15 when the hotel closes for winter, it’s time to kick back and relax.

The old Master is talking about lots of work at the hotel and how busy he will be.

Going on lots of holidays is not exactly stressful in my book but he does like to moan.

Of course there is a good side.

Whilst he’s away I get the house to myself, but still get walked and fed every day.

His absence gives me time to catch up on my sleep and not have to put up with his constant need to bother me.

He likes to interpret my wagging tail as an indication of what a wonderful human being he is.

I’m not stupid – if a waggy tail means I get walks, warmth and food, why wouldn’t I do it? Doesn’t mean he’s anything special…

Before we know it, our next season will have started.  I look forward to meeting more of you after March 4th 2016.

In the meantime may your Christmas be filled with whatever you heart most desires – for me it’s marrow bones.

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