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If you find yourself short of sunshine this Christmas, how about some moonshine? And we don’t mean the alcoholic bootleg variety. With a glowing luna moon lamp you can plug into the romance of a full moon in your living room and bring about a total eclipse of the heart. These eerie orbs, sized from 3.2 inches in diameter (€60) to a whopping 24 inches ( €800) are on sale at

If Christmas doesn’t live up to all your expectations, fake it with a virtual reality headset. Simply don the 360 goggles and find yourself walking in a winter wonderland, hanging out with dinosaurs, even floating through space – just watch out for the reindeer on their way over from Lapland! At for €35  from

The first rule of being a hipster is that you need a well-pruned beard to match. To avoid facial fuzz à la Father Christmas, invest in this natural haircare set featuring beard oil, whisker wash and even moustache wax for that Salvador Dali look. The Ultimate Beard Haircare Pack costs €37 from

Vegetarians, look away! But for expats missing a taste of home, Sur La Table’s DIY set, ‘The original bacon kit’ means you can rustle your own smokey rashers in seven days. With cure, a curing bag and even a thermometer, all you need is some pork belly from the butchers in order to bring home the bacon. Available from Amazon from €23

A Kangen water ionizer is the perfect gift for the person who has everything. The medical device creates perfectly purified, hydrating alkaline water proven to have over twice the antioxidant power of green tea. Promoted by leading surgeons, used by the pickiest celebrities and supplied by all Japanese hospitals. they’re the next big thing in health. Available from €1,200 from

Stocking fillers

A pair of soft, snuggly bed socks in 100% cashmere will make your tootsies long for bedtime. They may not seem like a steal at €50 but it’s a bill worth footing for cosy Christmas comfort. Available from

Banish the negatives of a real partner and get yourself a teeny tiny hunk who grows from a Tom Thumb-sized one-inch long into a pocket-sized Prince Charming. Simply submerge in a bowl of water to Grow Your Own Boyfriend. At €4.50, all the girls will want one. From

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