flats-spainMORE people live in flats in Spain than anywhere else in Europe.

Two-thirds of Spaniards live in flats, putting the country ahead of Latvia (with 65% flat-dwellers), Lithuania (58%) and Greece (57%).

Meanwhile, countries such as Britain, Croatia and Norway are at the other end of the scale with just 20% of people living in flats.

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  1. And I pity all of them as there is zero privacy due the 70mm cavity clay blocks used. The lip service used for insulation of pipes buried in the concrete floors, which often are’nt level. Little or no insulation used in exterior walls.

    We knew plenty of young Spanish who would’nt take my advice and wait until the market crashed, so bought apartments at the top of the market on 50 year mortgages and seen the value of their crap built apartments drop by more than 55% – esta la vida.

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