NO DEAL: Sanchez dismisses Rajoy pact
NO DEAL: Sanchez dismisses Rajoy pact

PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez has categorically ruled out a political pact with Mariano Rajoy and the PP.

The Socialist leader made the statement after a 45-minute meeting with acting prime minister Rajoy to discuss Spain’s political future following Sunday’s general election.

He also said that a second election in the event of no government being formed in the new year would be ‘the last option’.

Sanchez said: “The PSOE is not going to support the continuation of Mariano Rajoy or the PP at the head of Spain’s government.

“[Our party] is going to explore all possibilities to make a government of change.”

Rajoy is due to meet Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias and Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera on Monday.

Iglesias tweeted: “I will explain to him that our proposed country isn’t compatible with the PP continuing to govern.”

Following the meeting in Moncloa, Sanchez underlined to Rajoy that the Spanish people ‘wanted to change Spain’s government’.

Sanchez also said that if Rajoy was unable to form a government before Congress reconvenes on January 13, the Socialists were ready to make deals with other parties and that there he would draw ‘no red lines’.

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