PolicemanA 30-YEAR-OLD man has been arrested for attacking the same woman twice in two days.

The woman reported the man for attacking her in an Almunecar car park on Boxing Day.

The following day, the man attacked her again, cutting her neck and eye in the process.

The man has now been charged with ‘gender violence’ and is being linked to two other attacks on women in December.

The woman had previously had a restraining order against the man which expired on December 11. Another woman currently has a restraining order against the same man.


  1. “Do the good people of Almunecar, Peniscola and other towns in Espana that favour an ‘ñ’ not get irritated at being denied one by the OP?”

    Don’t know, have you asked them? Even your reply doesn’t have the tildes either Lenox lol.

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