Police enter property for eviction in Marbella. Photo copyright The Olive Press
Police enter property for eviction in Marbella. Photo copyright The Olive Press

A MASSIVE police operation has successfully evicted 70 squatters from an abandoned Marbella urbanisation.

Tensions threatened to boil over as 24 families, including 20 children, were forced out of their homes in Nueva Andalucia this morning.

The eviction took under an hour, with police sources saying it was a ‘resounding success’.

Despite threats of protests, police sources told the Olive Press that all those being evicted came out ‘peacefully, without a fight’.

“There was absolutely no problem with the evictions,” the source said. “Everything went smoothly, the squatters had collected their belongings and left without any issue.”

At least 20 police officers and up to a dozen security guards were involved in the evictions.

The police swoop was court-ordered after a three-year legal wrangling, which saw two previous attempted evictions thwarted by protests.

The occupants – Moroccan and Spanish nationals – have been squatting in the abandoned houses in the Costa Estrella for at least three years.

Legal proceedings began when CajaMar – who own the properties – decided to sell-off 26 of its abandoned properties.

Despite protests, Marbella court ordered the evictions to take place.

The families said they have not been given a solution or alternative housing plan and will be ‘left on the street’.

Olive Press sources suggested that Marbella Town Hall had been trying to postpone the eviction until alternative housing had been arranged.


  1. Abandoned houses in Marbella? I thought this was the Golden Mile and the property hotspot of the Costas. Seems it has all the same problems as everywhere else and of course a lot more illegal properties than most other places after the recent PGOU reversal. Funny how the estate agents and PR people don’t tell you this.

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