rodriguezA DREADLOCKED politician is refusing to cut his messy mane, despite claims he might be carrying nits.

Newly-elected Tenerife MP Alberto Rodriguez sparked controversy when he strolled into Congress on January 13 sporting the unconventional hairstyle.

While Prime Minister Rajoy appeared to mock the appearance of the Podemos politician, deputy speaker Celia Villalobos went one step further claiming she might get lice from him.

An angry Rodriguez replied: “There are many people who cannot make ends meet, who will be angry to see [politicians] arguing over superfluous matters rather than policies to improve their lives.

“To me it’s just a hairstyle like any other, and I will only cut (the dreadlocks) off when I feel like it.”

Rodriguez was just one of Podemos’ many showstoppers in Congress on its opening day.
Carolina Bescansa breastfed her newborn baby, while leader Pablo Iglesias gave his customary raised fist salute.

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  1. stefanjo,
    don’t you remember the abuse Corbyn got for not wearing a ridiculous outdated piece of cloth around his neck. Most bipeds have not advanced from the monkey stage, in that respect they are still jumping up and down in the trees. They become frightened when one of their number does something different, it frightened them and they have to attack, sometimes verbally and sometimes physically.

  2. I’ve seen lots of men especially older ones with filthy greasy hair. In Guadix I would pass elderly men in the street, in immaculately ironed shirts and trousers and they stank to high heaven, what their poor wives had to put up with.

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