ECOLOGISTS are slamming ‘irreversible damage’ done by deforestation near Almayate.

GENA-Ecologistas en Accion claims a wooded hill, some 241m high, has been destroyed by loggers.

The group claims the ‘scenic landmark’ has been subject to a ‘brutal clearing operation, despite loggers being stopped by police five years ago.


  1. I think it was in the OP that I read that a Greek geographer hired by the Romans to map the Med coast of Spain said in the 1st century that – a squirrel could travel from Gibralter to the Pyrenees without having to set foot on the ground. When the Aryan Christians overran Spain they began in earnest to cut down all the forests – they did a good job, did’nt they. There is a road in Guadix called, the foresters’ road – there has’nt been any trees there for at least 2 centuries, they really should rename it accurately, the deforested road.

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