THE stepdad of missing Amy Fitzpatrick gave police interviews that were ‘littered with lies and clearly point to his guilt’, a court has heard.

David Mahon, 45, denies murdering Amy’s 23-year-old brother Dean Fitzpatrick in Mahon’s Dublin flat.

'LIES': Mahon's police interviews slammed
‘LIES’: Mahon’s police interviews slammed

He is accused of stabbing Dean to death in a row over a stolen bicycle bottle.

Mahon claims the father-of-one ran onto the knife during the incident.

Amy went missing from Riviera del Sol, near Calahonda on New Years Day 2008.

Summing up for the prosecution, Remy Farrell SC said Mahon told ‘lie after lie after lie’ to Irish police.

Mr Farrell also accused Mahon of leaving Dean ‘to die on the street’ after he drove off, throwing the weapon out of a car window.

The jury heard that in the minutes after the incident Mahon gave ‘a very good impersonation of a man who has just admitted murder’.

Mahon’s defence counsel will address the jury next week before they make their final deliberations.


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