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BREXIT ‘BACKLASH’: Spain reacts online to Britain’s departure from the EU

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SPANIARDS have been reacting to Brexit online and the results are pretty amusing.

Some called for the boycott of all English products, which as this meme suggests, are pretty much limited to Rolls-Royce cars.


image2In another widely shared image, it was suggested Spain’s most famous shopping outlet drop the ‘ingles’ from its title.

But in an edited photo that has since gone viral, Spaniards have been showing support to the 16 million who voted to remain.


image1 (1)A mock up of when Spain hung a ‘refugees welcome’ sign on Madrid’s Palacio Cibeles saw it changed to ‘British refugees welcome’, perhaps foreboding a massive influx of disillusioned Remain supporters.

While almost half the population in the UK are reeling from a Leave victory, at least they know they are welcome in sunny Spain.

Laurence Dollimore

Laurence has a BA and MA in International Relations and a Gold Standard diploma in Multi-Media journalism from News Associates in London. He has almost a decade of experience and previously worked as a senior reporter for the Mail Online in London.

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  1. How about Spain using this as an opportunity to set out their stall and ‘sell’ their product to disillusioned Remainers? They could use this to try and flog off all the empty properties.

    They need to reform their property laws and then strike a deal with the UK on healthcare etc. Obviously this will only come into force after official Brexit and until that time, there is nothing stopping Brits from buying property/moving to Spain but they will want to have cast iron guarantees and the necessary assurances that the Spanish government will keep to their side of the bargain.

    • Why should Spain change it’s laws regarding illegal properties. If they do it’s will be a God send to all that purchased illegal properties, not all but some which is in progress already. Those that have legal properties have no worries and everyone I know have legal properties. Naturally on other matters regarding the Brexit negotiations there will be compromise on both sides. Those that already have properties in Spain will still be able to come to Spain but as for retiring maybe a different matter. We shall have to wait and see. All will be sorted in a couple of years rest assured.

      Regarding law changes it should not be Spain you should be concerned about abut the EU, and if EU changes the stumbling block of free movement it could easily be rectified by allowing a free movement of EU members providing they have a skilled or a bona fide job to come to and a health insurance policy for a certain number of years whilst in full employment. But rest assured the UK will be leaving and if the EU wishes to have a free trade agreement with the UK (not the other way round) then they will need to mend their ways. It has also been mentioned that Britain should walk away from any deals that is detrimental to the UK.

  2. I believe that this could be an opportunity for Spain to agree a longer term joint sovereignty deal with Gibraltar over the next 100 years. Also to encourage the UK to set up its European headquarters and encourage UK business to set up its European HQ in southern Spain and Gibraltar.
    This would allow Gibraltar to stay within the EU. Give a revenue stream to Spain and Gibraltar in taxes. Allow the UK to trade freely into Europe by agreeing a deal with Spain and Gibraltar.
    Everyone would win if this became a reality.

    • Joint soverignty or any other type of deal with spain will never happern ,what spain needs to do is drop its ilegal claim as it gave gib to tne british crown in perpituity ,meaning forever it has no claim ,and if its on the basis of territorial integrity mabey it should give its 2 enclaves in north africa to morroco as that affects the territorial integrity of morroco ,spain are dam hypocrites ,gibraltar us british and will stay british for ever ,spain needs to learn to respect democracy and leve gib alone ,only us British Gibraltarians will decide our future ,its not britains to give or spains to claim end of disscusion

      • The North African enclaves are part of Spain even before the creation of kingdom of Morocco, Gibraltar in the other hand was given to the Brits under blackmail, but we would never forget that it is ours, we are never going to give up the claim and believe be now that you shoot in your own foot it is just a matter of time that your Union is no longer that, sooner than later we will get Gibraltar back.:-)

  3. Really will they give unemployment benefit, a house, housing benefit, child benefit, tax credits, child tax credit? ! ! ! Or do they just want rich people to help their economy! ! ! !

    • They just want self-supporting (not necessarily rich) people to take their money to Spain, invest in property, buy goods and services and spend money in the local economy. Spain does not have benefits like the UK so they don’t have the same problem as us (lucky them) but they would have to set up a reciprocal health deal along the lines of charging the NHS for treating Brits and vice versa.

      That said, this discussion could turn out to be academic for two reasons, firstly, we might have to have another referendum and secondly, I think the UK will have to agree to freedom of movement in order to remain part of the single market.

      • Why do we have to have a second referendum? I voted remain like lots of others but I respect the democratic process a concede defeat to the ‘Leave’ campaign. Just because one doesn’t get the result one would have wanted doesn’t mean there can be a re-run.

        • “A democratic process” needs to be conducted truthfully, which the referendum quite patently was not. Millions fell for the scheming lies and voted on that basis. Now, only one day in, the truth is beginning to dawn on them. As even more mendacity comes to light, people are going to become angry at being had by self-serving egotists and a backlash is inevitable. Better it should take the form of a re-think, instead of the civil wars that are starting in the main parties.
          Does no-one’s heart sink at the promise of Boris Johnson as PM and Gove as his evil chancellor?
          Equally dismaying is the Labour Party defying it’s own members choice of Corbyn as leader.
          The whole exercise has opened Pandora’s Box. This time, even Hope has gone.

  4. Stefanjo. As Scotland want a referendum to leave again, England should expel them from the UK and have a second vote to stay or leave which would give the leave campaign a 60/40 majority. Your excuse for remain losing makes you sound like a jilted 14 year old school girl.

    • Your idea Peter would take away what shreds of “Great” that Britain still clings to. Shrinking the country down to a miserable, xenophobic encampment of terrified, Dad’s Army cliches.
      Incidentally, what mechanism exists for expelling the Scots? Mad idea, they’re the only ones with any sense, which they’ve learned from centuries of being lied to by the Lords of the Universe in London.
      You’d do well to pay attention to their reasoning.

    • Peter, the Leave campaign completely misled people and told a pack of lies, in other words, they won on a false premise. All that crap about “we are the fifth largest economy, we can thrive on our own” is starting to sound a bit hollow now isn’t it? But here’s where it gets really good, the Leave side don’t have a plan and are back peddling big time. Boris didn’t expect to win and looked decidedly shocked during his speech on Friday and it is worth noting that he was in two minds about supporting the Leave campaign.

      It is a monumental cock up and these are very extreme circumstances and to top it all, over a million people now deeply regret voting Leave. We need another referundum.

  5. Jane G. I think you are a bit outdated, your posting was 4 days after the referendum. Brexit means brexit and it won’t change. Since your posting the last I heard 27 countries wish to join the UK in free trading to the value of £40 billion compared to £12/14 billion we trade with the EU. I don’t think people voted due to all the “crap” you mention but against the unelected few at the EU, immigration, democracy, self rule and to leave a sinking ship. Others will follow.. But it would appear as of date all the “crap” has come from the EU.
    Rome was not built in a day, have faith and allow the UK to find it’s way in the world again. We have done it before and we can do it again.

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