THE Socialist PSOE and Ciudadanos have rejected the PP’s offer to form a coalition government.

Despite increasing its number of seats by 14 to 137, Mariano Rajoy’s PP needs to go into a pact with one or more parties to reach an overall majority of 176.

WHAT NOW?: Rajoy scrambles for coalition partners
WHAT NOW?: Rajoy scrambles for coalition partners

Pedro Sanchez’s PSOE secured 85 seats, with Unidos Podemos wining 71, despite opinion polls suggesting Pablo Iglesias’s party would come second with up to 95 seats.

A PSOE spokesman said they would not support Rajoy ‘by action or omission’, an indication that they would not abstain from Rajoy’s investiture vote to make it easier for the PP leader to become president.

Ciudadanos’ number of seats dropped from 40 to 32, but Albert Rivera’ party have also resisted the PP’s overtures so far.

The investiture votes will take place in a month’s time, with Rajoy needing to secure 176 votes.

If he fails to do so, a second vote will be held but with a lower threshold as parties will be able to abstain.






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  1. Spain needs a government just like the UK does, Sanchez and Rajoy should do a deal as the lib dems and tories did in the UK although not ideal for some people the coalition in the UK got the country stabilized. Politicians need to do what is best for the country not themselves.

    • Can you imagine Labour and the Conservatives forming a coalition in Britain Peter? Because that is the equivalent of your suggestion. The Lib Dems are no comparison, being simply limp-wristed Tories themselves.
      Anyway, you call what happened there “stability”? The result of that farce was the virtual destruction of the Lib Dems as a political force, Clegg on the scrap heap, leading to the utter chaos we witness unfolding daily in the UK now.

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