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Time for a tutor? Five tell tale signs your child may need help

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Stephen Coventry
Stephen Coventry

MY child is not failing. My child is not struggling. Why do I need a tutor? This is a common misconception about private tuition; it is only for children who are struggling in school or those whose test scores are disappointing.

While private tutors can be helpful for students who are in this position, tutoring can also benefit a wide range of other students. The question is – how do I know if a tutor may help my child and why bother?  In this article I will argue that parents should consider hiring a tutor if they answer yes to any of these five questions.

1) Does your child struggle with time management?

When given a choice most children are going to pick watching YouTube or playing on the X-Box rather than doing homework. It’s natural. However if your child is constantly putting off tackling important tasks or starting longer projects this may be a sign of something more significant, especially if the child ignores repeated reminders. Time management is a vital skill.  A Tutor may help.

  1. Is Your Child Gifted or Talented?

It’s not just children who are struggling at school who need tutors, it is also those who need further challenge and extension. If children are not being challenged in school they can become bored and disengaged. Sadly not all schools have the capacity to meet the needs of truly able children. It is very important to support and extend children who are gifted or talented in a particular area.

3 Are you Busy Parents?

When children are younger it is easier to see how they are getting on at school. It is also easier to help them with their reading and maths. As they get older things change. Some parents lack the time to help their child with homework others simply do not understand what is required.

4  Does Your Child Want To Aim High?

Your child might be doing OK in Middle School but want to improve their marks or results before they join secondary education. Middle schools stream for English and Maths. Bayside/Westside stream pupils into teaching sets, often at the end of Year 8.  Grades matter. They open doors or close them.  A Private tutor can help your child achieve the grades they need to join the course/University they want.

5 A Puzzling School Report?

Have you ever read your child’s school report and wondered who they were talking about? Despite your best efforts you cannot make sense of the words or grades? Clearly the first step is to make an appointment and see the teacher/teachers concerned. If you are still confused, see the head of department or deputy head teacher. It may be the teacher is really pleased with your child and can explain (in plain) English what is going well and what is not. However this may not be the case. Some teachers find it difficult to give frank feedback and tell parents exactly what their child needs to do to improve. Private tutors can help you make sense of all that “teacher talk” and help your child get on track.

At the end of the day – it’s a personal choice.  Tutoring is expensive and may not help. Some parents have model students who just “get it”.  They breeze through school and make it look so easy.  Others are not so lucky. As a parent, my child needed a little extra help.  So we hired a tutor.  The expense was never more than a Pizza dinner (for three) once a  week.  Not too much of a sacrifice  to help your child succeed?  In the end its your choice.  However, always remember Professor Hindsight is never wrong!


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