A LACK of rainfall is threatening Andalucia’s vegetable crops.  field-923905_960_720

Low levels of water in local reservoirs combined with a dry forecast for August could see farmers unable to plant winter vegetables.

The general secretary of Malaga’s Union of Small Farmers is now urging the Junta de Andalucia to limit water used for golf courses and swimming pools.

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  1. Desertification is something that is truly frightening in it’s implications – water, the most important asset of the lot. What will happen as millions and millions move north to survive – just a thought.

  2. They will probably blame it on Brexit.

    Kidding aside. Before the end of the last ice age, about 10,0000 bc (the age of Leo, that is why the Sphinx has a lion body and a small head, as the head replaced the older dynasty Lion head) the Sahara, and Egypt were lush with vegetation, as people had moved from north to south when the ice pushed south. Then gradually after the ice age people stared to move north again, as the ice retreated. Everything happens in cycles, and this could happen again, that the movement of people will start to drift northwards again.

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