Health centre Rosa ArrabalNERJA’S PP party has furiously denied owing the Junta over €1.5 million for a health centre that was never built.

Last year, Andalucia’s High Court ruled the right-wing political party should repay €1.2 million plus more than €300,000 in interest.

But the PP this week accused Nerja’s PSOE mayor Rosa Arrabal of ‘deceiving Nerja residents and hiding the truth’ by again demanding they repay the money, which they received while in power in 2008.

A PP spokesman said: “Nerja Town Hall doesn’t have to repay any funds to the Junta as the funds were repaid from 2008 to 2009.

“The €1.2 million received by the town hall to the health centre was repaid in full to the Junta between 2008 and 2009.”

Arrabal, who became Nerja’s first PSOE mayor in 20 years last June, claims the PP knew that land where the health centre was to be situated was not fit to build on.

“The non-payment of these funds was one of many surprises we have discovered in our first year in charge,” Arrabal said.


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