THE snail-like pace of Spain’s judicial system never fails to amaze!

For the 97 people who have (almost certainly wrongly) gone without their passports for two years it must be infuriating, to say the least.

And going on the usual time it takes to get to court, they may have to wait another few years!

With over 610,000 cases currently open in Spain it seems that reforms are urgently needed to speed things along.

A new vital ruling in December that holding passports for more than six months was illegal seemed like a step in the right direction.

However, investigators appear to have found a loophole to wriggle out of that one as well. Mañana, Mañana is one thing… two years without a passport and no answer is quite another.    


  1. Certainly in the Estepona judicial district the legal system is ludicrous to say the least. As a community we obviously have debtors but getting those debtors to court is a joke. We have cases going back years without being finalised. The problem appear in our case (Estepona judiciary) to be one court hearing both civil and criminal cases with criminal cases taking precedence . We are not allowed to have our debtors cases heard in another court which is extremely frustrating to say the least . Spain certainly needs to get into the 21st century as far as the judiciary are concerned!!!

    • Fred’s rules for purchasing a property in Spain:
      1. Don’t buy a property in Spain! (doh)
      2. Don’t buy in a community. Sorry Pjb.
      3. Don’t buy off-plan.
      4. Buy in a village if possible, don’t purchase rural unless you have a team of lawyers.

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