26 Aug, 2016 @ 16:36
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OPINION: Alhaurin Town Hall should be ashamed

Free Water

IT is little short of amazing that homeowners in Europe are being left without running water for months.

This is Europe… and whether it be due to the owners of private land or town hall incompetence it is time to get a grip.

It is time Alhaurin Town Hall took responsibility for this group of English and Spanish pensioners, who have gone throughout the summer with an inadequate supply.

Access to clean water is a human right and solving this issue for these desperate residents should be a top priority!

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  1. It is amazing, yet quite normal. If you want basic human rights then please don’t move to Spain. Water, electricity, home ownership, consumer rights, justice etc are all highly variable, and you can lose any of these things very easily, without any comeback whatsoever. Sure, you can go to court, you can complain, but you’ll be old or dead by the time you get any justice. And even if you do get a decision in your favour, the system will still let you down with a barrage of appeals and crazy delays. Quality of life depends on a proper legal system that protects individuals, yet Spain shows time and time again that it cannot get such basic things right. Things can be great, until things go wrong, and it’s at that point that you know you made a mistake betting on Spain.

  2. There we are folks, spoken by a person with experience.
    “Things can be great, until things go wrong, and it’s at that point that you know you made a mistake betting on Spain”.
    Btw Fred, do you still have a business in Spain?.

  3. Just to point out, as does not appear clear in the article. This is Alhaurin El Grande town hall, not to be confused with the very excellent Alhaurin De La Torre town hall :-)
    Agree about Spain being great when things are going well. Other side is, it is the pits when they are going badly.

    • Dan, that’s a very good point you make regarding the two Alhaurins and their town halls, and where is El Grande’s dodgy Mayor now?

      Whilst I quite like the El Grande Old Town and atmosphere there the rest of the town is fairly scruffy whereas De La Torre spend money on attractive roundabouts and street scene which is far smarter.

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