angry-cougar2FOR years we’ve been told that we would reap what we’d sown with our uncaring attitude to the planet.

That global warming would come back and bite us on the collective derrieres is we kept on going the way we were.

And now it seems that certain species have decided to take matters into their own hands.

First off was the reported sighting of a big cat, possibly a Puma, on the loose in Estepona.

It even made the papers back in the UK . We’ve become used to the sight of Cougars in Banus recently. But that’s usually the drunken Mum at her daughter’s hen party.

Over in Gibraltar the Barbary Apes have a well deserved reputation for waging guerilla (or is that gorilla?) warfare on unsuspecting tourists. I once saw an ape pull off a brilliant flanking attack on a French visitor on the top of the Rock. The monkey had blindsided the Frenchie for his baguette and was gone before you could say “Sacre Bleu!”

Living up at the Casita on lake, I’ve had various run ins with the flora and fauna over the years. These have ranged from the comical – including finding a bat living in my roof beams as well as chasing a paniced partridge around the living room, (not the first time I’ve chased a desperate bird around my house) to the scary.

Running over a wild boar at 3am on the road up to Istan in my 4×4 wasn’t fun, although it was presumably less fun for the afformentioned boar. And no I didn’t stop and lug his body back to the house, just in case his older and angrier brother was about.

And now there are reports of a shark sighting just off the beach in Fuengirola. “It was like a scene from ‘Jaws’ one holidaymaker said: “It was very scary at first.

“The lifeguards ran along the shoreline blowing on their whistles and shouting, ‘Out of the water, out of the water’.

“There was a real commotion at the shoreline as everyone tried to get out of the water as fast as they could.”

You could, of course, argue that there have been sharks on the Coast for decades.

Mainly working in timeshare…

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  1. Well reported. Some month ago I was aflicted by several an airstrikes of a squadron of swifts towards my terrace.
    As a result of the attack one swift crashed into the window of my living room and for some moments remained stunned on the floor of the terrace until he disappeared.
    It turned out that the target of that attack was not me but that the swifts had built nests between a newly built drainage and the bottom of the terrace above of my terrace. Therefor the swifts could claim that they had the right to fly into ‘their’ homes while I still assume it is my home.

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