SORDID: Sex in broad daylight

FOOTAGE released of sex workers engaging in explicit acts in public has caused uproar in Spain.

One clip sees a prostitute unzipping a man’s trousers on a public walkway in easy view of pedestrians as they walk by in Barcelona.

The woman carries on with the act despite the number of walkers by.

A couple filmed and uploaded the video to bring attention to the high volume of illicit sex acts happening across the country.

The act was said to be captured in the early hours of the morning as kids were walking to the adjacent school.

Residents are calling on police to do more to intervene in the public acts.

A resident said: “The person who is seen in the video is not one of the prostitutes who usually works in the area.

“We think that it is a person who needs money and goes to a social service centre in the area.

“Actually, what you can see in the video is a case of exploitation, of abuse.”

Another local said drugs are also rapidly circulating, exacerbating the problem.

They said: “There are some squatter houses that are used by the drug traffickers as selling points.

“We have picked up dozens of syringes in just one day.

“In addition, our relationship with prostitutes is every day more difficult, they seem to see this entire area is their territory and we are just in the way.”

Prostitution is decriminalised in Spain and more people see it as normal than in any other country in Europe.

Pimping is still illegal.



  1. This desperation for cash would disappear overnight, following decriminalisation of all drugs and addictive substances available on prescription. The insanity of prohibition must end, if only to preserve the sensibilities of passing children, but mostly for the good of society in general.

    • You are missing the point Wolfgang. Many, if not most, of these women are being held in slavery by their addiction to addictive substances. Allow them to access their poison legally and nothing has a hold on them.
      The level of human-trafficking is a separate situation, best tackled by efficient border-control and humane treatment of “illegals”.

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