touristsBRITISH tourist spending has increased in Spain despite Brexit fears.

UK visitors spent 15% more in the country in the three months after the June vote than in the same period in 2015.

They were responsible for driving €1.833m into the economy, which accounts for 22% spent in Spain by people from abroad.

The bumper effect was most noticeable in the most popular destinations for UK residents -Valencia, the Canaries and Andalucia.

There, spending by Brits rose by  17.6%, 12.1% and 2.8% respectively.

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  1. The only way a tourist from the UK is affected by Brexit, after it happens, is their EHIC and any entry fee or other paperwork requirement to travel to Europe etc. The UK has not left the EU yet, and therefore British tourists are not currently affected by Brexit, and even after Brexit, Spain will still want tourists.

  2. Look at the French news online and see just how bad the Paris killings effected the tourist numbers especially from China and Japan – it’s not nice to see cities and large towns with thousands and thousands of armed military strolling around.

    Also the stupid way they patrol will one day be exposed by a suicide jihadist, probably a woman, armed with a mini Uzi. The French army needs some instruction but I think French hubris will stand in the way – Sedan was the classic example.

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