Jayne and Nadeem. Photo, Copyright The Olive Press
Jayne and Nadeem. Photo, Copyright The Olive Press

A BRITISH father of four has been killed by a single punch on a night out on the Costa del Sol as he attempted to break up a fight.

Holidaymaker Nadeem Aslam, 42, died of head injuries after being fatally punched in the face by a Polish man in the popular resort of Fuengirola on Thursday night.

Eyewitnesses revealed that Aslam, from Solihull, was struck after trying to break up a fight between a friend and two Polish men.

After originally fleeing the scene, the one-punch killer has now handed himself into police and remains in custody in Malaga.

Knocked unconscious by a single punch, Aslam hit his head against the pavement and laid unmoving as his attacker fled the scene.

Paramedics attempted to revive Aslam for 45 minutes with a defibrillator before declaring him dead at the scene.

In Spain for a one-night getaway, a friend of the family revealed that Aslam and his wife Jayne had been drinking in expat haunt The Seaside Bar with friends who had also travelled to Spain for the night.

Nadeem Aslam. Photo, Copyright The Olive Press
Nadeem Aslam. Photo, Copyright The Olive Press

“Aslam and his wife were blowing off a fair bit of steam,” British expat Paolo Mortoni told the Olive Press. “They had been over in the summer for a holiday and had come back to unwind before he opened up his new waffle shop in Birmingham.”

He added: “We had all had a fair bit to drink in the Seaside Bar in the centre of Fuengirola and then Aslam, his wife and another couple from Birmingham went off to find some food.

“The other guy got into a little bother with these two Polish guys and then Nadeem jumped in to split things up.

“He was cleaned straight out by the punch and just lied on the floor not moving.

“Paramedics and the police were trying to revive him for a good 45 minutes.”

The incident happened around 11.30pm Thursday outside a popular expat bar called Entrehoras.

Mark Jenkins, a worker at The Seaside Bar, told the Olive Press it happened outside a nearby kebab shop.

The other British man was treated for minor injuries to his face and body.

Aslam’s four children, aged between 14 and 22 have now flown to Spain and will return to the UK with their father’s body on Wednesday.

A police spokesman confirmed an investigation into the incident was ongoing.


  1. Facts – man killed was Asian, killer Catholic from a country where the majority hate those of colour or not Catholic – time will tell if these facts are pertinent to his death, very sad that a decent hard working man died trying to stop violence.

  2. I blame John Wayne. T.V. and films show socks to the jaw being mere powder-puffs. In fact, a well/ill-aimed right-hook can drive a shock to the brain via the jaw-bone. This alone can cause a brain-bleed. Or, as in this case, instant lights-out and brain-damage from a fall.
    Let’s have realistic fights portrayed in drama AND it’s true consequences, so alcohol-fuelled brawls don’t lead to tragedy, or, if they do, there’s no excuse.

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