A MASSIVE meteorite travelling at 72,000 kmph could be seen crashing into earth from the Costa del Sol.

British tourists reported ‘noise like thunder’ as they witnessed the meteorite travelling over Andalucia before crashing into the sea at 10.25 on December 11.

The sighting was also recording at observatories in Almeria, Toledo, Granada and Sevilla.

Meanwhile residents in Granada claim to have felt tremors shortly after the meteorite landed.

Astronomers have confirmed that the meteorite was in fact a breakaway piece from the 3200 Paethon asteroid.

Website meteoroides.net reported: “The luminous phenomenon, that could be seen from great part of the country, flew over the provinces of Granada and Jaén.

“Numerous witnesses claim to have heard an explosion associated with this fireball, as well as having felt a tremor similar to a slight earthquake.

“Both these testimonies and the preliminary analysis of the phenomenon indicate that it is probable that a part of the rock has survived its abrupt passage through the atmosphere, falling to the ground in the form of meteorite.”

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