Rodrigo shows off new toosh
Rodrigo shows off new toosh

A SURGERY addict piled on two stone so surgeons could use the fat to make him a bigger bum.

After gaining the 28 pounds, Rodrigo Alves, 33, had liposuction in Marbella before the doctors pumped the fat back into his behind.

The Brazilian native has now spent more than €423,000 on 48 surgeries, including botox, six-pack implants and nose jobs.

The air steward, who lives between Marbella and London, spent the last few months eating cakes and puddings, wolfing down more than 3,000 calories a day.

Some 3.5 pints of fat were then sucked out of his back, waist and thighs before being pumped back into his bum last week.

“I managed to put on two stones and for the butt argumentation,” he explained.

“The doctors used two litres of fat and the procedure was performed in Marbe

Rodrigo in Marbella
Rodrigo in Marbella

lla where I sometimes live.

“I was born in Brazil but I never had a Brazilian butt and now I have it.

“It looks great and it feels great.

“In June I’m hosting a swimsuit completion in Marbella and by then I will be looking great.

“It was my first surgery of 2017, but as part of my MOT next week I’m having a full face lift and eye lift in Bucharest because plastic surgeons in London have refused to do it.

“In February I’m also having a skin resurfacing in Los Angeles. I also plan to travel to Australia for more work.

“I was not born this way but I made myself this way and the maintenance to keep up with my looks is really hard.”

Rodrigo began his transformation in 2004 after struggling with the way he look

ken doll before after
Rodrigo before and after transformations

ed and after being bullied as a child.

He says he pays for all the work himself through promotional TV work for brands, renting out homes and with some inheritance money.

Next year he will host a new US reality show, Plastic of Hollywood.

“I would like to take my nickname Human Ken Doll to a different level,” he added.

“I want to show to my followers, fans and to the public that anything is possible in life.”

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