Iberostar's Malaga Playa resort
Iberostar’s Malaga Playa resort

A MAJOR hotel chain has begun work on a huge renovation of its Malaga complex in a bid to boost its star rating.

Iberostar has invested ‘several million euros’ in its Malaga Playa resort in Torrox Costa, the largest complex between Malaga and Motril.

The hotel is currently closed so work can be carried out on its 1,000 square metres of gardens, 319 rooms, 94 tourist apartments and swimming pool.

A spokesman for the hotel said that it will re-open by April 7 in time for the Easter holidays and that reservations can now be made from that date.


  1. Does anyone recall the the £50 Foreign Travel Allowance. I suppose if this was introduced for a short period as an example as to how oversea’s holiday destinations in Europe would suffer. Would be just as bad as some crank with a gun running amok on a Spanish beach.

  2. I remember this well. Came to Spain in early Spring of 68. In Almeria we stayed in what was then the only hotel, now it’s a backpackers place. Lived on 10 shillings a day, that was for the hotel, breakfast in the cafe of the old municipal market, made our own bocadiilos for lunch and a meal out at night in a restaurant. Would walk to Aguadulce along a totally unspoiled coastline looking down on the campsite in the arroyo. Saw it again in 2002, speechless at the wanton construction, apartments spewing out of the arroyo.

    Got work on the travesty of the truth – Patton Lust for Glory up in the mountains. Served lunch on linen covered trestle tables, served by waiters in white jackets and ties with a wall of red and white wine right across the tables with plastic bins full of ice and San Miguel beer.Got paid enough in one day to live for a week. Upset George C Scott and the American crew telling them it was all a pack of lies m- Cassereine Pass.

    The people were poor but proud and the land was beautiful in a sad but clean and windswept way and now it’s just a – add your own adjective.

    If a new limit was set now it would destroy the tourist industry but maybe that’s what sqeaky voice wants – vamos a ver.

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