nightoutTWO British teenagers decided to ditch the drudgery of their hometown and fly to Spain for a night out – on a schoolnight. 

Amarni Saunders and Daniel Thurgood shattered the midweek routine when they went on a night out in Alicante on a Thursday – and made it home in time for college on Friday morning.

The boys left college at 3pm on a Thursday and went straight to East Midlands airport.

They then caught a flight to Alicante, where they headed straight for the local bars, making sure to take some snaps to prove their story to classmates the next day.

night2When their night came to an end, the boys went back to the airport to fly home to the East Midlands, hoping to arrive in time for school.

They made it back to college for 11am without their parents or teachers suspecting a thing.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the pair somehow managed to spend just £50 on drinks, food, flights and transport.



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