Hong Kong Property Chinese companySPAIN has been ranked the second-best country in the world for first-time buyers.

A report by UK relocation service MoveHub analysed 33 countries by comparing property prices for 2016 with average salaries to determine the best countries for first-time buyers.

The United Arab Emirates topped the list thanks to an almost 8% drop in property prices last year.

Spain saw a 2.2% increase in salaries against a 5.75% drop in property prices, putting in second place, followed by Greece, Singapore and Switzerland.

“Countries with the highest salary growth enjoyed more affordable property prices or even prices in decline, making them the best places for first-time buyers,” said MoveHub in a statement.


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  1. Add into the mix the dodgy town halls, mayors, lawyers, estate agents, gestors, junta de Andalucia etc etc, sprinkle in a liberal dose of Spanish beaurocracy and corruption and suddenly it looks a whole lot less attractive lol.

    • The difference between Spain and Britain is: in Spain most of the times they put the corrupt politicians in jail while here in the UK they got away with everything,also in Spain spanish people still they own their country while here the country have been sold to foreign multimillionaires,most of them jews (who are the real owners of the country),something which never will happen in Spain.
      Spain managed to defeat a nasty recession without to ask for any help and will continue to be the best country to live in the world,i own houses in both countries and share my time between the two countries, i can assure you i prefer a million times more the spanish bureaucracy and spanish town halls,mayors,lawyers,estate agents,gestors,etc……than the english ones,mainly because they are more honest than here and the ripping of culture which have been
      endemic in England for decades is absolutely non existent in Spain.

  2. So 20-30% capital needed, 8-10% tax on the purchase price, hard to get good finance criteria with banks and the negative side of a dropping real estate market is not taken into account in this “report”? LOL.

    Spain generally scores horribly for first-time buyers. But when cherry picking 2-3 positives can give you a nice click bait article go for it :)

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