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BREAKING: SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon announces second Scottish independence referendum

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sturgeonNICOLA STURGEON has announced a second referendum on Scottish independence.

She made the announcement during a speech at Bute House, while MPs in Westminster are preparing to give Theresa May the power to trigger Article 50 and begin the UK’s divorce from the EU.

It comes after the SNP struggled to find friends in Spain during a trip to garner support for Scotland gaining exclusive access to the EU single market last week.

In her speech Sturgeon said the UK Government had ‘not moved even an inch in pursuit of compromise and agreement’ with the Scottish Government over Brexit and that even a good deal would be ‘significantly inferior’ to the current system.

“If Scotland can be ignored on an issue as important as the EU and the single market then it is clear that our voice can be ignored at any time and on any issue,” she said.

Scotland’s first minister said the new referendum must be held between Autumn 2018 and Spring 2019, when the terms of Brexit will be known.

She confirmed that she will apply for authorisation from the UK Government for the vote but added that they should respect the will of the Scottish Parliament.

“The option of no change is no longer available. But we will give the Scottish people a choice about the kind of change we want,” she said.

“I believe that it would be wrong for Scotland to be taken down a path that it has no control over regardless of the consequences for our economy, for our society, for our place in the world, for our very sense of who we are as a country. That would be wrong, and therefore my judgement is that we should have that choice.
“I believe that in a referendum the Scottish people will opt for independence, but that will be the choice of the Scottish people and I’ve been very clear that that will be an informed choice.”

Scotland voted to stay in the EU by 62%.

The SNP promised a second vote in their manifesto if they were taken out of the EU ‘against our will’.

Laurence Dollimore

Laurence has a BA and MA in International Relations and a Gold Standard diploma in Multi-Media journalism from News Associates in London. He has almost a decade of experience and previously worked as a senior reporter for the Mail Online in London.

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  1. Nice to see someone put a burr under May’s saddle. Whether Sturgeon is successful or not doesn’t matter. What matters, is at last, someone has noticed the Emperor has no clothes and is not afraid to say so. Good on you Nicola.

  2. why dont we just get rid of these blood sucking parasites…..let them try stand on there own 2 feet and watch them sink……get lost Scotland and take the midget and your deep fried mars bars with you….!!!!!!!

  3. Scots are canny folk, and rather traditional, so given another referendum, and seeing how they were lied to with the Remain propaganda, plus recognizing that the UK as whole has not crashed and burned, but is improving it’s position, they may well vote to stay in the UK and therefore scupper the obsession of Sturgeon and the SNP for ever, in order to ensure they are free from Federal Europe’s impending demise and implosion.

  4. Oh really nice comments ! Could I just ask you this question . Why do Westminster want, so desperately, to hold on to Scotland if it is such a drain ? Please use the brains you were born with instead of reading the Gutter Press propaganda. Everything boils down to money gentlemen and if you go into the Office of National Statistics website you will find out that Scotland is a much wealthier country than England and the rest of the UK . Margaret Thatcher was correct about one thing when she said that once you start hurling insults it’s because you’ve no political argument.

  5. Wikipedia says: In England, only London, South East and East are wealthier than Scotland.

    But in terms of GVA, England has 1.433 trillion Pound compared to 127 billion Pound for Scotland. Therefor England may well exist without Scotland and the EU may help Scotland to get a bit wealthier converting Pound into Euro, as 127 billion Pound equates to 146 billion Euros.

  6. As a Brit (London), I actually admire the tenacity of Nicola Sturgeon in following what the vast majority of her countrymen want (that is to remain within the EU). Outside of the EU, the UK is very likely to be in a dire position (unless your already rich that is) and Scotland voted by a significant margin to remain within the EU.
    For Theresa May to accuse Nicola Sturgeon of tunnel-vision & bad politics is rather a case of the pot calling the kettle black (a saying which originated in Spain by the way) …… where May has continued to press for Brexit, even without the support of the majority of her own MP’s (they are under orders to follow the party-line), against the advise of the upper house (Lords) and against a huge amount of criticism from a massive amount of the UK population.
    I really can see the Scots voting to remain within the EU & can’t see the EU refusing them either.
    The UK is now on a downward slope which is getting progressively steeper, leading to a very deep step off a very high cliff…….
    Surely, if Theresa May was so confident of her actions, was so confident of the support of her MP’s & was so confident of the support of her own electorate – then a ‘NEW’ referendum on the actual agreements to be used when leaving the EU should be fully acceptable (& one which all of us could accept – especially if it were made legally binding & acceptable this time).
    The original referendum was full of lies from both sides of the argument and what was said before is now known to be mostly false or fabrication.
    If the UK does actually leave the EU, it will also leave democracy behind as well – leading to a place no one would want to be ! (so Scotland is simply trying to avoid that fall into an abyss, which is fully understandable by all except those without any common-sense).

    • Ray, regardless of all the crap you posted the UK will be leaving the downward spiral of the undemocratic club. I would have thought with all your knowledge regarding this wonderful club why would the UK wish to be leaving, could it be control of immigration, could it be control of our own laws, could it be a democratic vote every five years to kick out people we don’t like. The list is endless when one stops to think hard. Would you wish to live in a Federal state. Would you wish to continue passing vast sums to the whims of undemocratic heads. Would you wish to be part of a EU army. Would you wish the tax system to be under the control of the said people. Sorry Ray, I think it’s better the UK goes back to it’s old trading ways which many World country’s are keen to sign up to which the EU will eventually have to accept. Trump has seen to this. He has already told the EU to start paying it’s way instead of sponging on the USA. But all that will change, mark my words. lol

  7. Nobody can blame Sturgeon for that.
    Who wants to be in the same ship with England when the skippers are May, Johnson and Davis?
    Nobody with a bit of a brain

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