Home Secretary Theresa May Signs Deal With French Over Calais Migrant CrisisTHERESA May has said she wants to answer the expat question early on in Brexit negotiations. 

In an interview with BBC’s Andrew Neil last night, the UK prime minister said she wants to be able to reassure both British citizens in Europe and European citizens in the UK.

“I want a reciprocal agreement in terms of guaranteeing the status of EU citizens and UK citizens,” she said.

“I think this should be done at an early stage.

“I believe from the talks I’ve had with other leaders that there is a good will there and that there are those who recognise the importance of giving people reassurance.

“And I think we will be able to address this as one of the early things that we talk about in the negotiations.”

It comes after she formally triggered Article 50 on Tuesday night, beginning the divorce proceedings between the UK and the EU.

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  1. Looks like a hard Brexit ahead, what with the demands by the EU and Spain. Back to square one as to why we have left. Don’t know who is going to purchase all those German cars etc, not many countries within the EU can afford them except the Brits and Germans.

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