theresa-mayTHERESA May has laughed off the idea of going to war with Spain.

It comes after Lord Michael Howard said the UK prime minister would be prepared to show the ‘same resolve’ as Margaret Thatcher did over the Falklands.

May has now said her policy towards Spain will be ‘jaw-jaw’ and not ‘war-war’.

“What we are doing with all European countries in the European Union is sitting down and talking to them. We are going to talk to them about the best possible deal for the United Kingdom and for those countries, Spain included,” she said. “It’s definitely jaw-jaw.”

At the Downing Street lobby briefing this morning, the PM’s spokesman ruled out sending a Falklands-style taskforce to protect Gibraltar.

“It isn’t going to happen,” he said.


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  1. The UK is becoming more and more pathetic.
    The bad thing here is not what the useless old fart said, but what the “minister” of foreign affairs and the “minister” of defense said.
    Being Johnson an imbecilic buffoon and Fallon a sad and miserable drunkard, you cant expect much more.
    And all of that when the UK is in the middle of the negotiations with the EU.
    The consequences will be…yes, you are right,…disastrous for the poor UK

  2. Bluemoon, agreed but I would add that Howard is also an irrelevant old fart.

    The UK is looking increasingly bitter, divided, and isolated with May scapping about in dubious places for tinpot trade deals.

    Brexit is a pile of garbage and it will soon become apparent that nobody won the referendum.

  3. The picture shown of T.May laughing had nothing to do with “jaw jaw and not war war”. It was during a debate in PMQT about Scotland. Don’t know why the person had decided and allowed to use the photo which all goes to show what “The Donald” said about false comments made by the media. lol.

  4. This stock library photo of The Maybot sums up perfectly her contemptuous attitude to those who disagree with her and her mad cohorts. If only contemporaneous pictures were used, the Olive Press would be almost a blank sheet.

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