Ryanair cancels Almeria to Liverpool routeRYANAIR has said it may have to stop flights from the UK for weeks or months after Brexit.

An ‘uncertain final outcome’ of talks is to blame, according to the lowcost airline.

It warns that if Theresa May does not secure an early bilateral Brexit deal on international aviation, they will halt flights from Stansted and other UK airports.

The airline hopes the UK will stay in the open skies scheme, which allows carriers to operate within the EU and and others in the ‘common travel area’ including Norway and Switzerland.

Ryanair’s chief financial officer Neil Sorahan said at a press conference: “Brits may want to consider staycations instead of going abroad.”

The airline said it is planning to pivot growth away from the UK, and that it will pursue growth in other countries including Spain.


  1. HA HA HA!!!!, Ryanair scaremongering about not flying out of the U.K.
    I can see O,Learys face now has he taps on his calculator looking at the MILLIONS he would lose and the hundreds of jobs he would have to pay off.
    he is King of the Bluffers to be sure!
    step Forward another enterprising budget airline with a plan that gets around the rules of FEAR!

    • Well said Tom, I was thinking more or less the same thing. Ryanair originally made their fortune on British holidaymakers not on the backs of the Europeans. I wonder what his thoughts would be if all Ryanair flights into Britain were banned under his threat which could happen in retaliation. For a start 40 million British fares would be lost and I know D.Trump wouldn’t care about the company being banned if he was in charge. Besides Ryanair is not the best company to book flights and although they may carry 120 million worldwide have not had happy reports about them except of being cheap.

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