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Call to arms: Why the upcoming general election matters to expats

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parliamentTHE shock announcement of another British general election is the latest unintended consequence of Brexit.

But instead of feeling fatigued, Bremain in Spain campaigner John Moffett is right to suggest that expats should look forward to the vote as an opportunity to influence Brexit.

While it remains unclear if Brexit could be reversed was the electorate to vote in enough pro-European MPs, this is the only real opportunity to at least shape how the divorce is played out and minimise its unsavoury side effects.

While it is incredibly frustrating that so many expats will yet again be denied a vote despite a Government promise, do not forget the ability and importance of lobbying eligible friends and family back in the UK.

So get registered to vote and/or join the debate-the time is now to make your voices heard.

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  1. Our first past the post system means you have to vote tactically. If we had proportional representation, it would be more impacting in terms of getting the anti-Brexit message across. My advice is do your homework and study form in your constituency. For example, I am in a safe Conservative seat but the Lib Dems came second in 2015 so I will be voting for them. Do what you have to do and don’t gift May with a huge majority.

    We don’t need a general election, we need another EU referendum now that people know what they are up against.

      • Not at all John, I’m not sure what amount that didnt vote would vote stay, but I do know a few people that didnt vote cos they thought a Brexit was totally out of the rhelm of possibility. Dont forget the lowest take up of votes was the young and they seem to be the ones most shocked at the outcome and would like to see it be re-run.

  2. I’d add that very few if any at all, had any idea of what the complications of leaving would bring. Many simply thought it better to be away from it and that’s what they voted for. Having now had constant discussions thrust upon us over the media many (possibly a large majority) of those that voted to leave might well like the opportunity of voting again.

  3. I really think that it about time people realised that the vote to leave WILL NOT BE REVERSED. Once you realise this then we can work towards getting the best possible deal, and to be honest if the EU continue with their bullying and arrogant head in the sand stance (witness the failed luxemburgers comments over the weekend, mind you he was probably drunk), then we will be better off out regardless of any deal. Also bear in mind that for 21 years no one has balanced or signed off the fixed and toxic accounts of the EU, and also with all the properties they have bought over the years (whilst we are members), I suspect they owe us money with the appreciation of the assets!! They certainly should not expect 50 billion for gods sake. If were Mrs May, I would tell hem to get off their high horses, and be sensible. Their stance is because they have to show the other member states that is a disaster to leave. In three years time the other states will be queuing to leave, and if France (god forbid) has Le Pen as its new President, then all hell will break loose. These are only my thoughts, I am not being a doom-monger, and am certainly not about to get into a vitriolic exchange about the rights and wrongs of leaving. But please be aware we ARE leaving. Had the remain vote won, do you honestly think they would even have considered the awful arguments that are tearing our country apart. Of course, not, they would have said “we won, get over it”. But apparently what is good fr the goose os not good for the gander.

  4. David. And if the large majority to leave increases would you then ask for another referendum call. You sound a bit like the EU that wasn’t happy with the results of France and Ireland results.

  5. David. And if the large majority to leave increases would you then ask for another referendum call. You sound a bit like the EU that wasn’t happy with the results of France and Ireland results.
    BTW. T May has called for a general election. Do you not think that maybe better than a referendum.

  6. Those who voted for Leave were voting for the pack of lies, like £millions extra for the NHS. Only 37% of the UK population actually voted to Leave. The other lie from Mrs May is that the UK is now united in wanting her Brexit (the one that she has concocted since 23 June) to be a success. There are 16 million voters who don’t and who have been totally ignored and now misrepresented. Brexit is NOT in the interest of the UK, has already cause immense bad feelings between the UK and other countries, and will cause financial ruin to the economy and severe hardship to millions of families who are currently “just getting by”.

    • Fully agree Barry. But even worse than the Brexit disaster that The Maybot is due to unleash, will be the social disaster the Tories will visit on the British people. While using Brexit as a smokescreen for an election winner, the remains of the welfare state will be finally dismantled following a victory.
      The rot was started with Osbornes fake austerity scam, shredding the NHS, older social care, education, prisons, police numbers, wage levels, working conditions, the list is long and sinister and they haven’t finished yet.
      Although this farce is being described as a General Election, the arguments on the Tory side is all about Brexit, continually side-stepping any other discussions, using ridicule and repetitive propaganda in order to stifle legitimate debate, which would normally typify an election.

      • Disagree there stef. The rot started when the EU changed from being a trading entity into a political entity. Why do you think a referendum was called regardless of the outcome.

  7. An interesting comment Barry, would you have said the same if the remain vote has got 52% and the leave vote had got 48%, and that would have been down to all the lie’s the remain campaign fed us as well as the leaflets through the doors ?

  8. Sadly, Britons who have lived abroad for more than 15 years will (once again) not have the right to vote in the forthcoming UK general election, despite the Conservatives saying that they want to remove that restriction. An early general election has so many advantages lol.

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