BRITISH tourists caught romping on the streets of Mallorca are facing fines of up to €2,700 under new laws.

Anyone caught drinking from a bottle in the streets of El Arenal could also face a €1,500 penalty.

FINE MESS: Tourists to be fined for bad behaviour
FINE MESS: Tourists to be fined for bad behaviour

Llucmajor is the latest to get tough on boozing tourists after Calvia Council recently brought in a 109-strong list of new infringements that lead to a €100 fine.

The new set of bylaws have been approved by the council just in time for the summer season, with ‘very serious’ breaches punishable with a top limit of €2,700.

The ‘serious’ category includes ‘offering, soliciting and accepting sexual services in public spaces’, ‘acts of exhibitionism, proposition or provocation of a sexual nature’ and ‘performing sexual acts in public spaces’.

The councillor for police Gori Estarellas described the regulations as ‘practical’ and said they reflected complaints from locals.

The laws are said to be designed to combat ‘noise, alcohol consumption and the concentrations of people on the street’.

Ball games in the street will also be cracked down on.

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