MORE than 100 SAS-trained security guards have been sent to Spain to protect tourists from ISIS terror attacks, it has been reported.

TERROR THREAT: Tourists to be protected by 100 former soldiers
TERROR THREAT: Tourists to be protected by 100 former soldiers

Tour operators have hired the ex-Special Forces troops to guard tourist hotspots after threats to mainland Spain, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands according to the Mail on Sunday.

It follows last week’s Manchester Arena massacre, which killed 22 people.

UK security has received intelligence that tourists could be targeted by Islamic State terrorists, a source told the Mail on Sunday.

“Spain has been singled out as a target by the jihadists, it is wide open to an attack now that security in the UK has been tightened,” the source told the Mail on Sunday.

“The ex-troops will be looking out for any suspicious activity which might indicate that terrorists are planning an attack.”

The undercover guards are reported to be watching beaches and hotels.

This year, ex-Metropolitan Police anti-terror chief David Videcette warned an attack on tourists in Spain was ‘very possible’.


  1. On the other hand the Guardia Civil, the Grupo de Acción Rápida and the Servicios de Inteligencia are arguably the best of Europe and one of the best in the world.
    Not by chance Spain has not suffered any attack in the last 13 years.
    Not by chance there are more than 400 detainees, 200 convicted and 100 deported regarding Jihadist terrorism.
    The SAS, on the other hand….

    • But on the other hand, it could be that Spain is so insignificant in world affairs that terrorists take no notice of it…
      And it is true that the SAS are world leaders in their art.
      I just can’t make up my mind..Lol!

      • Spain suffered the first jihadist attack in Europe.
        That was in 2004.
        Since then, the jihadist in Spain have been completely destroyed. Not even 1 assassination from that scum.
        Britain suffered the first jihaddist attack in 2005.
        Since then, Britain has suffered more than 15 jihadist attacks, the last 2 in less than 2 months.
        Says it all.

  2. But perhaps not prosecuted. It’s not really 21 SAS job to police the entire UK, maybe that’s the job of the UK Police and intellegence services, who reeally are doing a fantastic job if you look at the amount of moron terrorists that have failed to hurt the UK.
    You know what? Well done to the British Police and Intelligence services!

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