A NEW health yoga health craze is making a big splash in Mallorca.

Paddleboard – or SUP – yoga is performed while standing up on boards in calm waters, such as the beach on Can Pastilla.

SURF'S UP: SUP yoga wins fans in Mallorca
SURF’S UP: SUP yoga wins fans in Mallorca

Bonaona surf school takes pupils through their strides while out on the water, with SUP teacher Paola Marcon taking classes for the last four years.

“Although it doesn’t look like it, we burn lots of calories,” said SUP teacher Paola Marcon, who moved to Mallorca from Argentina 15 years ago.

“It’s something new for the body and mind and it tires you out.

SUP originates from Hawaii, where it became popular around a decade ago.

And with Mallorca’s peaceful beaches and calm waters, it translates perfectly to island life, with all people of all ages able to participate.

“It’s the complete sport. Just being on top of the board helps to align all your core muscles and your vertebrae,” said Marcon.

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