CRISTIANO Ronaldo is being prosecuted for allegedly defrauding Spanish authorities of €14.7 million between 2011 and 2014.

Spain’s prosecutor’s office said in a statement that the Real Madrid forward had knowingly used a ‘business structure’, set up in 2010, to hide his income from the sale of image rights.

According to the statement, it involved a ‘voluntary’ failure to comply with his tax obligations in Spain.

Real Madrid and the Portugese national’s management agency have so far declined to comment.

Prosecutors allege that Ronaldo, 32, defrauded the tax authorities of €1.4m in 2011, €1.7m in 2012, €3.2m in 2013 and €8.5m in 2014.

The father of one became a Spanish tax resident in January 2010 and in November 2011 opted to follow the Spanish tax regime that applies to foreigners working in Spain.

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