YOU can’t spend a day in C’an Pastilla without seeing a group of paddleboarders or windsurfers heading into the briny.

All year round watersports lovers, including surfers and kitesurfers, head out to play around in the waves near the San Antonio Marina. You’re bound to spot under fives and adults well into their eighties riding out on a board… and even the occasional dog can be spotted going for a ride.

Much of this is thanks to Cristina Rozalen who launched the island’s coolest surfer bar and surf school, Bona Ona, after spending a number of years in California. Bona Ona has brought a unique slice of chilled-out, laid-back, surfer vibes to C’an Pastilla, especially now it has been joined by a number of other rival businesses.

Since opening seven years ago, Bona Ona has become a hangout for surfers, stand-up paddle boarders (SUP) and windsurfers. Locals and tourists alike stop by to rent boards and book lessons, or just to hang out in this stylish spot. “Nothing is as easy as it looks,” says the mother-of-two, whose two brothers, Victor and Fran, help run the business. “But it is definitely worth the effort and I love the waves.”

Herself a surfer, pictured riding a wave on the company brochure, she knows all the best surf breaks on the island and is available to offer tours and lessons. The school has a 12-person stand-up paddle board for rent, paddle tours through caves or sunset tours, summer camps, and stand-up paddle yoga.

The company has also just expanded over the road to Samoa Beach cafe, which helps when the bar throws one of their big neighbourhood parties.  Bona Ona supports many charities around the world, raising money through the bar and the events they throw. They currently sell bracelets supporting Red School Uganda, a charity funding a much needed school.

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