IT is mystifying why US-based internet hosts GoDaddy have yet to remove the scam sites that are causing mayhem with British holidaymakers.

Despite repeated requests from this newspaper over two weeks, pointing out exactly what is happening, the firm are sticking to their guns and refusing to take action.

CONNED: Brit tourists scammed

Meanwhile, holidaymakers and genuine agents alike are suffering.

With the summer season getting into full swing, hard-working families hoping to enjoy a relaxing break are being conned out of their hard-earned money.

GoDaddy need to act – now! If they don’t, the only way of warning people and highlighting this problem to the world is via the press.


  1. But you haven’t named the sites yourself or even said what they are doing have you? A search for Go Daddy using your own site search engine only shows this one article so I’m a bit confused. If these sites are doing what you are suggesting why not publish an exposé yourself and let social media go viral with it…..that would be a good starting point. I am not advocating anything but why would a web hosting company be responsible for the content of a client site anyway? I can’t imagine your own web hosting company feels responsible for what you publish. They are not a court, judge or jury. If you have a grievance against any business, online or offline, surely the first port of call if you believe a crime is being committed is to report this to the police? #justsaying

  2. If you’ve notified them of a site, and they’ve taken no action, and someone then loses money as a result, they can be held liable by the UK courts. That’s about the only thing that will get them to even acknowledge the existence of these crooks, or your warnings.

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