THE reckless bather who hired a helicopter to fly him to a protected beauty spot for a dip showed a jaw-dropping sense of entitlement.

One can only assume that the mystery swimmer is a wealthy tourist as it is hard to imagine a local would disrespect the area in such an obscene way.

VANDALISM: Bather has shown sickening sense of self-entitlement

He may not be kicking seven bells of hell out of a stranger in a drunken rampage, but in his own way, this man has inflicted his own form of upmarket vandalism on the island.

But, perhaps worse, the helicopter company that took him there, should have known better.

It is time to name and shame them both.


  1. Wealthy tourists should take more responsibility, as with wealthy tourists follows wannabees, wannabees want to be, they are not and have not, so they need happy hour. With wannabees follows cheap drinks and British bars, and with cheap drinks follows craziness. With craziness they will step over all the birds, and next year this beauty-spot will be the new Marbella! :-O

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