THE reserves for donated blood in Mallorca are around half of the advised minimum quota.

The summer season is always the hardest with reduced donations and a large increase in population.

BLOOD LEVELS: Mallorca only has half recommended amount of blood

But last week the Blood and Tissue Bank Foundation reported only 385 bags in the bank, when the minimum is advised to be 700 bags.

In the Balearics, 60 percent of blood donations is intended for leukemia or lymphoma patients, and almost 10 percent goes to ill children, leaving 30 percent for the all the other situations, including chronic blood diseases and trauma patients.

Ismael Gutierrez, the manager of the foundation, has made a public plea for blood donations. “Blood has no cost,” he reminds residents.

An Olive Press appeal for O Negative blood for ill expat Serena Gorman, 11, in May, temporarily led to a big rise in donations, leaving it ‘fully stocked’.

But now they need more, added Gutierrez.

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