WHEN Lahouari Saidani found €77,000 outside a Mallorca mailbox, he knew exactly what to do.

The honest citizen, originally from Algeria, contacted police near s’Escorxador and handed in the money, with the funds returned after officers traced the rightful owner.

HONEST CITIZEN: Lahouari Saidani hands in money

A Romanian woman who lost the money has now offered to give Saidani a reward.

“I am Muslim and my religion doesn’t allow me to keep what isn’t mine,” he said.

“I left work around six in the evening and when I arrived at my building it was right underneath my letter box. I opened it and found cheques and lots of money,” he added.

He was adamant he didn’t once think to take the money himself.

“Islam forbids theft. And I received a strict education from my family,” he continued.

“But I had a few problems at first when I went to the police and they saw an arab with a load of money in a bag. It confused them.”

The woman, who works in real estate, had been waiting to pay the money into a nearby bank but after seeing a large queue left if in the hallway of the building where she also lived.

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