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Left with nowhere to bury their dead, Madrid’s Muslim community turns to ombudsman for help

THE MUSLIM community of Madrid has turned to the ombudsman in a bid to be granted cemeteries where they can bury their dead. The...

Lamb slaughtered in public area with blood running through the street of Costa Blanca town as religious festival starts

ALMORADI police had to rush to the scene of a lamb slaughtering, as disgusted neighbours reported blood running from drains into their street. As the...

Remains of ancient Arab city in southern Spain makes UNESCO World Heritage Sites list

The well-preserved 10th century Medina Azahara settlement in Cordoba was once the de facto capital of Muslim Spain

Alleged Muslim Brotherhood member trying to avoid deportation from Spain despite being a national security threat

AN Egyptian Imam linked to the Spanish division of the Muslim Brotherhood is reportedly trying to reach a compromise with the Spanish government to...

Muslim population in Europe could triple by 2050

THE Muslim population in countries across Europe could triple by 2050, a report has suggested. Finland's Muslim population could increase by more than four times, while...

Mallorca man receives reward after handing in bag containing €77,000

“I am Muslim and my religion doesn't allow me to keep what isn’t mine,” says honest citizen

PRAYER BATTLE: Granada Catholics outraged after Muslim prayers held near Virgin Mary statue

The gathering was sanctioned by the town hall and welcomed by mayor Francisco Cuenca

Pregnant Muslim woman attacked in Barcelona

Woman and husband both assaulted

Should we reinstate Jerez’s oldest mosque?

OP blogger Luke Andrews reports that last week students gave respect to their Muslim heritage, posing questions about its place in modern Spanish society

Festival de la Luna Mora kicks off in Mijas

Two weekends of festivities celebrate Spain’s cultural history

Muslim students lack access to Islamic education in Spain

Nine out of 10 Islamic education teachers are out of work in Spain

Mother attacks daughter for refusing to wear headscarf

A mother who attacked her daughter for refusing to wear the Islamic veil has been arrested in Barcelona

Four suspected Islamist militants arrested in Ceuta

Men said to have 'similar profiles' to Paris gunmen

Gibraltarian furious at being unable to buy copy of ‘Charlie Ebdon’

He insists the Rock has banned the magazine

Alcohol-free beer sales on the rise in Spain

An increasing amount of Spaniards seem to be opting for alcohol-free beer over traditional lager

World’s first halal tourism conference comes to Granada

Granada to host international conference, as Andalucia becomes more 'Muslim friendly'

Catalunya to bring in burka ban following French human rights ruling

Austria, Norway and Denmark may now follow suit

Millions fast

Two million Muslims in Spain will fast for the month of Ramadan, which begins today.

Tarifa: Where the wind blows

Wendy Williams is blown away by the magic of Tarifa, Europe’s southernmost point

Gay cruise ship headed to Morocco forced to dock in Spain

The Moroccan tourist minister denies accusations of discrimination

Muslim ham complaint thrown out

A Muslim family who complained about the mention of ham in class will not get redress. Spanish judges are having none of it


A Muslim family denounces a teacher for mentioning ham in their son's class

A ban for burkas in rural Coín

Town becomes the first in Andalucia to outlaw the religious headwear

Muslim girl banned from school

Girl excluded for wearing Islamic headscarf




Charred body discovered in burning car in Almeria: Police launch probe as identity of victim remains a mystery

A CHARRED body has been found in a burned-out car in Andalucia. The grisly discovery was made in Albox, Almeria, on Friday morning. The...


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