Muslims praying in Granada

A GROUP of Catholics in Granada have been left outraged by a Muslim prayer gathering at the site of a Virgin Mary statue.

The gathering, sanctioned by the town hall and welcomed by mayor Francisco Cuenca, saw dozens of Muslims praying in the Jardines del Triunfo park before breaking their daily Ramadan fast.

But several politicians Tweeted their outrage, saying that allowing muslims to pray near the cherished Virgin Mary was a ‘provocation’.

Granada MP Luis Salvador said: “Mr. Paco Cuenca confuses tolerance and religious respect with provocation. Call for Muslim Prayers at the Virgin of Triumph??”

Fellow politician Manuel Olivares, said it was ‘regrettable’, ‘incromprehensible’ and ‘disrespectful’.

The Jardines del Triunfo

The far-right VOX party has called for an ‘act of reparation’ to take place in the park this evening, during which Catholics will recite the rosary.

The party said the event is for ‘those who show their faith and defending the customs, values, and culture inherited from our parents.’

It added: “And to protest against the council of this municipality who, by action or omission, have given permission and consent to a symbolic public space being taken over by the Muslim community.”

The PSOE councilor in Granada, Jemi Sanchez, has come out in defence of the Muslim community.

“Multiculturalism can never be a threat, it is an added value,” she wrote on Facebook.

“For the first time, the City of Granada supports its Muslim community wishing them a happy Ramadan in the gardens of Triumph.”


  1. Always ask yourselves: who benefit, cui bono,if Christians of any denomination quarrel with Muslims? simple the Zionist, Israeli who have always fomented quarrels among Christians and now foment quarrels and wars between Christians and Muslims. Yes indeed we need to awake!

  2. The muslims feel devotion for the Virgin Mary, that they think that is the mother of a profet son of man and woman, not son of god.

    I do not see that it will be bad that those people celebrate his religious ceremony in the presence of the statue of the Virgin Mary without offend It, it is not an offense for them nor for us, but I think that it will be more convenient that this celebration will be celebrate in another place because it can be presented as an intent of minusvalorate the Islam, or an agresion to the Christianism.

  3. In my view, it was just a coincidence that the Virgin Mary was in that place. the disrespect was produced when the prayers where directed in a different direction than Hers. I doubt reparations are done by praying the blessed rosary, they should either ban the place for muslims or relocate the image of the Virgin Mary.

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