16 Mar, 2015 @ 17:10
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Mother attacks daughter for refusing to wear headscarf

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A MOTHER who viciously attacked her daughter for refusing to wear the Islamic veil has been arrested in Barcelona.headscarf

The 14-year-old victim’s injuries included numerous bites and a stab wound.

Police arrested a woman in Martorell, 30km north of Barcelona, on a charge of domestic violence after she allegedly assaulted her daughter for not covering her hair.

The girl comes under the protection of the Catalonian government, and was taken to Martorell Hospital by a high school teacher whom she alerted to the incident.

There she revealed that her mother had bitten her and attacked her with a knife.

The police were alerted and located the perpetrator a few hours later.

Sources close to the victim said the assault was not just because of the headscarf but also connected to her possession of a mobile telephone.

Iona Napier

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  1. I’m glad this violent woman was arrested, she is what people used to call “a male chauvinist pig farmer” and clearly does not want her daughter to have any freedom. Interestingly, I know a male muslim who campaigns against women having to wear headscarves because he says it is not compulsory in Islam and he thinks it is oppressive.

  2. Jane,
    it’s strange that this headscarf thing came about in Turkey at around the same time that the Vatican imposed the celibacy order on priests – the first as a way to repress Muslim women and stop them from exerting influence in Muslim society and the second so that a priest’s wealth would’nt go to his family but to enrich the Vatican.

    When I lived in the Netherlands end of the 70s’ I had lots of Turkish friends and there was always problems, quite violent sometimes between fathers and sons over how the sons’ wives dressed. Most of the young Turks would’nt allow their wives to cover their heads, they were so proud of their beautiful wives. I would often be called upon to mediate and I acquired the handle of ‘the peacemaker’ – something new for me.

    Right now in Turkey there is a huge problem between the city liberals and the reactionary peasants in the countryside.

    Personally I would throw this woman in a pig slurry pit – she lives in Europe, if she does’nt like how we live in Europe then leave and leave her daughter behind.

  3. It is not written in the Koran to wear a burqa. Even if it was written in the Koran, the Koran was a document apparently written in heaven and delivered to Mohammad via an angel. So the revelations to Mohammad are only hearsay to every person after that.
    Mohammad married a rich Roman Catholic woman Khadijah, both faiths’s are similar, revelations by the Angel Gabriel, rosary beads, and the worship of Fatima (one of Mohammad’s daughters). The Arabs united under one religion captured the Holy Lands, but on refusing to hand over power to the Vatican, the pope launched the crusades.
    Both religions also are very anti-semitic. Yasser Arafat’s uncle the Mufti of Jerusalem also helped the Roman Catholic church and Croatia under Ante Pavlic to massacre millions of Serbs, and Jews, by sending troops there.

  4. A Mobile phone?? OUTRAGOUS. What is the world coming to?
    Cynics aside, I doubt there’s even mention of Mobile phones in the Koran. Certainly one often sees the IS fighters & their mates using them……..how much more fanatical can you get to not allow somebody to use one.

  5. Do you really have to pick out spelling mistakes Mark, there are far more important things to correct such as this poor girl being beaten. With respect its not a spelling test.

  6. Also, with respect, there always more important things than any subject anyone ever will raise. So should nothing ever be said or done about any lesser topic?


  7. I’m sorry – you’re judging my LIFE based on the fact I use, and like to read, correct English? You know nothing about my life. Talk about straying off subject!

    Besides, and last comment from me; I make one comment, to the point respectful, non-spamming and you stick your oar in. May I now presume to judge your life, please?

    Many thanks

  8. Most people on this thread are concerned with the important things in life, my love to you guys & girls. I have no time for oxygen thieves. My heart is with those poor abused children, usually girls regarding the burkas.

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