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Lamb slaughtered in public area with blood running through the street of Costa Blanca town as religious festival starts

Blood From Lamb Slaughter

ALMORADI police had to rush to the scene of a lamb slaughtering, as disgusted neighbours reported blood running from drains into their street.

As the Muslim community celebrated Eid al-Adha with Fiesta del Cordero (Festival of The Lamb) this week, one was ritually killed in an apartment block’s communal area.

This practice is prohibited in common areas and must be done using specific hygiene measures.

Blood From Lamb Slaughter
LAMB’S BLOOD: Seeping through drains into the street

Police immediately denounced the group and had to send the dead lamb to a specialised company for disposal as appropriate hygiene measures were not observed.

The Mayor of Almoradí, María Gómez, has promised that very harsh and strict measures will be taken with those who fail to comply with such rules

Gómez said: “We have already issued a statement that it is prohibited to slaughter animals in homes and common areas, especially this year in which it is so important to comply with sanitary measures, so we are going to be very hard with the infractions that we detect in this regard. “

Activa Almoradi Sacrificio 2
CORRECTLY DISPOSED: The slaughtered lamb

She also reminded people that social distancing must be maintained to avoid the spread of COVID-19 during celebratory and family gatherings.

Also, there is already a service in Orihuela slaughterhouse for the safe and hygienic killing of animals by the traditional Islamic method.

It is not just members of the Muslim community who have been getting in hot water over the slaughter of animals.

Earlier this year Guardia Civil dispersed a group of men who had gathered to slaughter a pig during the coronavirus lockdown.

Police say that the men were not only contravening the alert that keeps people indoors as well as health and safety regulations, but were also treating the event ‘like a party.’ 

Pig Slaughter
SLAUGHTER: Police moved in while on coronavirus patrol.

Officers have reported those present at the slaughtering in the Sevilla province town of Las Navas de la Concepcion. 

The police had been on patrol looking for anyone breaking the coronavirus restrictions placed on the entire country when they came across the gathering. 

They say no sanitary or hygiene measures were in place, and none of the relevant permits to carry out the slaughter were granted.

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